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A vinyasa flow of strength building, toning and purifying postures (asanas) modified to suit any fitness level.

Yoga emphasises correct external and internal alignment increasing postural awareness and core strength. It reduces stress levels, increases flexibility and vitality and inspires a deep sense of peace.

Breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation are also facets of the jewel of yoga experienced during a session.

private or group yoga
corporate team bonding

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Adrienne (Adhi) has been practicing yoga for 24 years. Her style includes the precision of alignment, strength building flow, the grace of vinyasa and the deep heart qualities of bhakti yoga. She has trained with Radiant Light Yoga, Shiva Rea Prana Vinyasa, Being Yoga, The Chi Institute (Yoga-Chi gung), Yin Yoga and Long Slow Deep restorative. The journey and learning is ever-renewing. 

Yoga sadhana is an integral part of her daily life and she enjoys nothing more than sharing her love of this sacred practice with as many people as possible. Adhi believes by the regular practice of Yoga we are able to transcend all blockages of a mental, physical and spiritual nature - leading us home to the realization of our true essence - peace, balance and harmony.

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 Qualified YTA instructor

Pilates and personal training sessions are available on request

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